An Effective Guided Wound Closure Matrix

SUPRA SDRM® is a novel synthetic, guided wound closure matrix, built as a bimodal foam membrane structure for the management of chronic wounds.

The Bimodal Structure of SUPRA SDRM®

SUPRA SDRM® combines the benefits of the microporous structure known from SUPRATHEL® that builds a protective barrier allowing the wound to heal with additional large pores to enable ingrowth of blood vessels.

The matrix has the optimal combination of small and large pores based on literature. Smaller pores aid in cell migration while the large pores with interconnectivity and high porosity aid in vascularization.

SUPRA SDRM® matrix is fully synthetic – no animal derived components – with polylactic acid as the main component reducing the biologic risk and inflammatory reactions. Therefore, the matrix poses no risk of transmitting disease or causing immunological reactions.

SUPRA SDRM® with its unique structure, safe elements, and beneficial components is 100% biodegradable. It is completely metabolized to H2O and CO2.