More Space for a Strong Partner in Treatment of Burns and Chronic Wounds: PolyMedics Innovations (PMI) Relocates to New Premises in Atlanta, GA

By the end of August 2023, PolyMedics Innovations (PMI) relocated to a new premise in Woodstock, a suburb of Atlanta, GA. The new building provides more space, especially for a growing volume of logistics tasks. PMI, a German family firm specialized in biomedical engineering, has maintained a facility in Georgia for some time. Suprathel, PMI’s best-known product, has been used successfully for years to treat burns, especially in pediatric surgery, and the company recently launched SupraSDRM for the
treatment of chronic wounds in the U.S. market. PMI’s constant growth—between 40 and 50
percent per annum over the past five years—has made it necessary to relocate to larger
business premises. That applies to Germany too. In July, PMI inaugurated its new HQ in
Kirchheim/Teck in south Germany.

Potential for Synthetic Solutions
Innovative wound care products are PMI’s specialty. Suprathel, a temporary skin replacement for use in treating burns, has been on the market since 2004 and is now the “gold standard” for treating second-degree burns, especially in children. Suprathel promotes wound healing, prevents infections, and relieves pain. It has been used to treat over 70,000 patients. In the U.S., Suprathel has long and increasingly been used in hospitals across the country. The larger PMI premises in Georgia and a continuously growing U.S. sales team testify to this trend.
Another product, SupraSDRM, is achieving impressive successes in treating chronic or hard-to-heal
wounds. The biodegradable matrix combines the advantages of Suprathel’s membrane structure,
which supports the wound healing process, with additional large pores that promote sprouting in
blood vessels. The U.S. product launch of SupraSDRM is currently under way.
“We have future-oriented solutions with the potential to revolutionize wound healing and help many patients,” says Christian Planck. His father Prof. Heinrich Planck founded PMI with other scientists in 2001. The research institute spinoff is unusual in the industry. It is an owner-managed family firm with management that has been shared by Prof. Heinrich Planck and son Christian Planck since 2014.

Ample Space for Growth and Logistics
The new building in Woodstock, GA is an important logistics center for fast, on-time shipping of
Suprathel and SupraSDRM in the U.S. The increase in size was needed with PMI’s growth in the U.S.
to continue efficient order processing, inventory management, customer service, and many other
major logistical functions. PMI’s U.S. sales team for both burn and wound care is around 20 strong and spread across the entire country. The same applies to its sales partners, a network that serves all 50 states.

State-of-the-Art HQ in Germany too
Just a few weeks ago, on July 14, 2023, PMI inaugurated its new German HQ. In Kirchheim/Teck, near Stuttgart, where the German team, about 50 strong, has approximately 32,300 square feet at its disposal. The new building houses administration, marketing and sales, research and development, and production. Suprathel and SupraSDRM are manufactured in a state-of-the-art clean room in constant conditions regardless of whether the temperature outside is 65° or 95°F. The logistics department ensures swift and global shipment of Suprathel and SupraSDRM.
PMI’s newly built Kirchheim HQ also meets the latest energy efficiency standards in geothermal
heating, air conditioning, production heat recovery, and more. Nobody needs to sweat if the
temperature is high in July. Before the year is out, a photovoltaic system on the roof will complete
the process of sustainable power generation.