SUPRA NET® is specifically designed as a simple, comfortable, atraumatic wound contact layer. This material provides an optimal environment to facilitate rapid wound healing with a non-adherent surface for maximum patient comfort over a wide range of wounds and skin types.

This hypoallergenic silicone-based material will readily conform to the wound surface and will gently adhere to the surrounding intact skin surface.

SUPRA NET® provides good exudate management and handling characteristics. The dressing does not stick to the wound bed thereby minimizing pain during dressing changes while supporting the overall wound healing process.


  • May be used over SUPRATHEL® or SUPRA SDRM® for 10+ days or until fully healed depending on exudate
  • Non-adherent, atraumatic dressing changes
  • Manages exudate through the dressing while promoting moist wound environment
  • Easy fixation, good staple retention
  • Soft and conforming
  • Compatible with topical wound treatments
  • Suitable for use with VAC system


  Size   Quantity  Order No.
13 x 13 cm  1/pkg  PMI2325.1
13 x 25 cm  1/pkg  PMI2350.1
28 x 30 cm  1/pkg  PMI2432.1