“I never think of limitations”: Marie-Ange Passemard about her career dedicated to “making a difference”

On occasion of International Women’s Day, we at PMI would like to introduce a woman who is a well-known face and figure in the burn community – for good reason.

How long have you been working with PMI?

I started working with PMI in June 2022. It does feel longer for me and probably for everybody else, too. I guess that is because I’ve been in the field of tissue reconstruction for so long.

What’s your exact position at PMI?

For PolyMedics Innovations, I coordinate international business and sales.

What’s your education and career before joining PMI?

Medical products became part of my life at a rather young age. When I studied international business, I did my practical training at Dental. Afterwards, I stayedwith them in customer service for eight years. Then, they sold their division and I joined Integra. With them I worked in customer service, Marketing and Sales. I became Senior Director EMEA for tissue technology.

It was in 2016 when I was ready for a change, so I started my own business distributingproducts for hair restoration and burn care.I don’t have children of my own – in that respect life wasn’t kind to me– so I was free to follow my job. I never think about limitations, much rather about opportunities. That’s true for both my professional as well as my personal life.

How did your path lead you to SUPRATHEL and SUPRA SDRM?

PMI was looking for a distributor for France; we started talking – as I mentioned already, the burn community is small and we knew each other – and set up our arrangement.

What markets do you look after for PMI?

With its products SUPRATHEL and SUPRA SDRM, PMI is present in 40 countries. In a number of these countries, e.g. the U.S. and Germany, we do direct sales. However, the majority of our markets are handled by distributors – and this is my turf. Currently, I’m in charge of 31 markets.

How many miles do you travel every year?

No idea! On average, I do two big trips every month.

What’s most fascinating in your job?

For one thing, I’m a curious person and I like to meet people from all around the globe. Secondly, in the medical field everybody and every – good – product makes a difference. I guess that is what drives me.

What are you most proud of?

Tissue reconstruction is a very special and complex field. I’m proud of my knowledge and experience in this area. I also like to share what I know with other people, so I like doing seminars and teaching new-comers to our field. I love to convince people by numbers, results, experiences.

My job is challenging, no doubt about that, and I love challenging myself and other people.

Can you tell us about a personal highlight in your career?

I remember an incident many years ago. There were these two women who had suffered severe burn injuries. On their bellies, there was a lot of scar tissue so they couldn’t, or rather shouldn’t get pregnant; as the child grows in the abdomen, the abdominal skin must be able to expand. Scar tissue cannot do this. Thanks to tissue reconstruction they could both become mothers. I was very happy for these two women. It gives a deep sense to my daily work.