SUPRATHEL® – A Short Introduction

SUPRATHEL® – A Short Introduction

SUPRATHEL® is an innovative skin substitute indicated for the treatment of epidermal and dermal wounds. Successful use of the product has been demonstrated in the management of burns, donor sites, and abrasions.

Just like a second skin, SUPRATHEL® covers the wound and leads the patient through a quick, complication-free healing process. SUPRATHEL® was developed analogous to the human skin and thus shares the same properties such as elasticity, permeability to water vapor, and impermeability to bacteria.

SUPRATHEL® is a single use product that is applied directly to a disinfected and debrided wound bed, where it stays intact until the wound is completely healed. After it is applied, the membrane becomes translucent and makes inspection of the healing process possible.

SUPRATHEL® is purely synthetic and therefore does not bear any residual risks as is the case with biological products of human or animal origin.

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