Lactate in Wound Healing

Literature suggests that:

  • Lactic acid or its ester lactate may stimulate the healing process by supporting angiogenesis4-10 and the re-building of the dermis.6,9,11-14
  • Lactic acid with the acidity constant (PkA) of 3.83 is capable of lowering the pH. It is known that reduction in pH levels can accelerate the healing of a wound.15-19


In a recent publication of a single-center, prospective randomized trial, Polylactic Acid (PLA) Matrices led to faster healing rates. When compared to collagen dressings, PLA matrices reduced the required time for wound healing of diabetic foot ulcers by 44% and 90% of wounds treated were closed by 12 weeks compared to only 30% in the collagen group.20