the reset for accelerated healing of chronic wounds

SUPRATHEL® CW  offers a revolutionary new therapy concept for the treatment of chronic wounds such as

  • venous and arterial ulcers
  • diabetic wounds

The treatment of chronic wounds is often complex due to their heterogeneous causes. Even in the treatment of chronic wounds where previous conventional treatment methods have not led to wound closure (e.g. therapy-resistant ulcers), SUPRATHEL®CW convinces with its healing-promoting properties.
Clinical studies1 confirm significant results in the reduction of

  • wound pain
  • wound surface
  • inflammatory reaction

In addition, SUPRATHEL®CW supports the reduction of wound secretion as well as the bacterial colonization of the wound. SUPRATHEL®CW combines a high compatibility with an excellent patients’ compliance.

SUPRATHEL®CW is easy to use, adapts easily to the wound surface with high flexibility and self-adhesion. The membrane acts as a physical barrier to bacteria and viruses, yet provides high permeability for O2 and H2O vapour. The increasing transparency after application (a few hours after covering the wound) furthermore enables reliable evaluation of the wound throughout the entire healing process.

For more information about the product and its application, please see the instructions for use.

1 Multicenter study, applied for publication