PMI products featured in presentations at EBA webinar on 5 June 2024

EBA, the European Burns Association (EBA), understands itself as “a forum through which medical specialists, researchers, professions allied to medicine (PAM) and other workers come in contact to discuss aspects of burn treatment and research”. Every second year, professionals get together personally at the EBA congress. In the even between congresses, EBA holds webinars to provide the latest finding in treating and healing burns. 

This year’s EBA 2024 webinar will take place on 5 June 2024 at 7 pm EST. Several PMI products will be features at in the webinar, i.e. SUPRATHEL® in combination with NexoBrid® as well NovoSorb® BTM together with autologous sprayed cells.

University Professor Lars-Peter Kamolz MSc of Graz University Hospital in Austria is the director of its clinical Department of Plastic, Esthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. He has used SUPRATHEL® to treat burns for two decades and recalls the paradigm shift that the product ushered in. He underscores the fact that SUPRATHEL® has, to this day, held a firm place in the treatment concept at clinics in around 40 countries.


Dr. Bernd Hartmann, Director of the Center for Severe Burn Injuries with Plastic Surgery in Berlin has worked in this area since the 1990s. Products treating skin damage shouldn’t aim to “replace the skin, but to reproduce the properties of human skin as comprehensively as possible”, the experienced surgeon says.

We are delighted that two experienced experts will be presenting their experiences with our products in the EBA webinar. We are a proud sponsor of the session.

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