PolyNovo becomes exclusive UK distributor of SUPRATHEL® by PolyMedics Innovations

PolyNovo UK have become the exclusive distributor of SUPRATHEL®, PolyMedics Innovations’ (PMI) artificial skin substitute in the United Kingdom. This deepens the cooperation between PolyNovo and PolyMedics Innovations (PMI) who in turn distributes NovoSorb® BTM in selected European countries.   

Expansion of a successful partnership

For about five years, NovoSorb® BTM by PolyNovo has been part of the PolyMedics Innovations portfolio in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The NovoSorb® bioabsorbable polymer technology is designed to support tissue repair. When the skin is traumatised and large parts of the skin surface (epidermis) and the deeper skin layers (dermis) are destroyed, NovoSorb® BTM can be used to close wounds and support the body in the formation of new tissue.

SUPRATHEL® for a burns and acute complex wounds

SUPRATHEL® is a synthetic, single application skin substitute for the management of burns, STSG donor sites and other epidermal and dermal wounds. SUPRATHEL® acts as a thin elastic membrane that optimally adapts to the surface of the wound and adheres on its own. SUPRATHEL® is only applied once onto a cleaned and disinfected wound, where it remains in place until the wound is completely healed. After it is applied, it becomes translucent and makes the inspection of the healing process possible.

PolyNovo takes over well-established product in the U.K.

SUPRATHEL® has been on the market in the U.K. since 2004. In the past 20 years, more than 240,000 patients have been treated with PMI’s signature product. In the U.K., SUPRATHEL® is in use in most burn centres and is particularly valued for its low infection rate, pain reduction, and the quality of the regenerated skin.  

“We are pleased to have PolyNovo as our distributor for the UK”, says Christian Planck, CEO of PolyMedics Innovations. “Our products complement each other very well; there are also various treatment concepts for successfully combining the products in the treatment of acute complex wounds and burns. This means we can provide an answer to a wider range of skin defects.”