(Almost) worldwide presence at the table: distributor meeting at Polymedics (PMI) in November 2022

Headquarters in Denkendorf in Southern Germany, sales company in Atlanta and present in 39 countries through its partners. This is the international setup of Polymedics Innovations, PMI for short. Once a year this presence meets at one table. Nine agents participated in person at this year’s edition of the distributor meeting on November 18, 2022. They had flown in from Latin America to Europe and Saudi Arabia. About ten further sales partners joined in via video conference. 


The first topic on the agenda was the growth of PMI’s export markets, which the participants highlighted in short presentations. Mexico, the group of countries from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador as well as Turkey had particular success stories to report. The product behind those stories is the temporary skin replacement Suprathel. In Mexico, for example, the representative managed to be listed as a supplier for government hospitals. In addition, the Mexican partners initiated a conference on burns. 

Stable growth 

Thus, the substantial sales growth PMI has been able to show over the last four years is a joint success of the sales partners: PMI has achieved an average annual growth of around 40 percent. 

Treatment of more than 100,000 patients 

“As of today, Suprathel is used in over 600 hospitals worldwide,” says Max Fröhlich, Head of Product Management, Medical Affairs and Sales at PMI, summarizing the PMI success story. “More than 100,000 patients could be treated with it.” The hydrolytic, absorbable and synthetic dermal substitute is the most widely used PMI product, followed by solutions for the care of chronic wounds. Supra SDRM helps to close permanent wounds, for example in diabetics, and reduces pain. It’s the product that PMI wants to particularly push in the future. 

Targets by the year 2035 

The Denkendorf PMI team presented to its partners what that will look like and how further products are to be developed and marketed. The goal is to make the family business one of the leading companies in the global wound care market. The PMI wants to achieve this by expanding the indications for existing products and by developing further solutions. At the same time, the biotech company wants to strengthen its international sales. On this basis, the manufacturer aims to quadruple its sales by 2035.